Have you used an energy broker?

Did they disclose any commissions earned?

Find out how much you could claim

Did they tell you how much money they made?

Have you used an energy broker? We estimate that at least 73% of companies in the UK have used the services of an energy broker in the past. A study by Ofgem, the energy regulator in the UK, found that most businesses had at least been in a contact with an energy broker.

If you used an energy broker, how much did you pay for their service?

Most energy brokers claim that their services are free, or that the supplier pays them a commission. In reality, you are the one paying a secret commission through a hidden uplift which inflates the cost of energy.

If you knew exactly how much they were making would you still sign up?

An energy broker has a legal duty under agency law to disclose any commissions earned and to act in their client’s best interests – not their own. If an energy broker didn’t tell you how much money they made from the contract, didn’t conduct a full and impartial review of the market, made misleading statements, or recommended longer term contracts for their own gain then you may have a claim.